End structural racism.


Anti-racist policies and practices are key to ending this crisis and preventing future ones. A better world is possible.


Racism Kills…

…in schools

NYC schools must fully adopt the national demands and guiding principles of the Black Lives Matter in Schools movement to ensure school cultures and curricula create environments that nurture learning and growth. A system-wide paradigm shift from punishment and shame toward restorative justice and loving support is essential to end the School to Prison Pipeline which unequally harms students of color, students with special needs and LGBTQ students.

We echo the demands of Urban Youth Collaborative’s 2017 Policy Brief: Young People’s Vision for Safe, Supportive, and Inclusive Schools.
  1. Increase the number of trained and supervised full-time guidance counselors and social workers.
  2. Implement restorative justice citywide in all underserved schools
  3. Create a citywide mental-health continuum, starting in underserved schools
  4. Create inclusive school environments
  5. End policing and punitive practices in schools

…in the environment

Environmental racism refers to working people of color living in conditions that do not to assure the right to a safe, healthy, productive, and sustainable environment for all, including biological, ecological, physical (both natural and man made), social, political, aesthetic, and economic.

…in institutions

NYC has the largest and most segregated school system in the USA. Students committed to real school integration are leading the adults to make fundamental changes to dismantle the institutionally racist school enrollment practices. Unscreen schools NOW.

We stand in solidarity with the Enrollment Equity Plan and Policy Platform presented by Teens Take Charge.

Anti-Racism Heals…

Health Justice Agenda for NYC Schools

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