Investigate the DOE

Fail #1

The Mayor promised to Identify, Isolate and Trace COVID-19 cases. Reports reveal that contact tracing was not conducted following the first identified case on March 1. That failure extended to schools.


Fail #2

Countless school staff members who tested positive for COVID-19 sent their results to their administrations. Their schools remained open nonetheless.


Fail #3

The Department of Health failed to conduct contact tracing and inform school communities of exposure.


Fail #4

Actions taken by the city government reveal an abdication of responsibility for the health and well-being of school communities. Proper investigation, accountability and implementation of a Health Justice Agenda are non-negotiable to restore trust.


Lies they told…


“It's impossible to trace the source of exposure, but as of March 13, the City's Health Department advised that a positive case in the school or workplace environment did not put others at higher risk than did anywhere else in the city.”

- Miranda Barbot, Dept. of Ed. Spokesperson
March 25, 2020, Newsweek


“Please note that the NYC Department of Health confirmed a positive result of COVID-19 in your school community. Based on the confirmed finding, your school building was disinfected by our Department of Facilities.”

- Chancellor Carranza
March 16, 2020


Paper Trail


“School officials say: Don’t report Coronavirus symptoms to Health Department.”
The City, 3.12.20

“‘Blood on their hands:’ Teachers say de Blasio and Carranza helped spread coronavirus.”
NY Post, 3.21.20

“Kids and parents at Bronx schools hit by Coronavirus wait anxiously for guidance.”
The City, 3.17.20

“Bronx school told teachers to hide coronavirus case: ‘Staff can be fired.’”
NY Post 3.28.20

“NYC DOE tight-lipped about coronavirus cases among educators.”
NY Post 4.4.20

COVID-19 hits NYC’s Black and Brown working class the hardest.”
Indypendent 4.21.20

Health Justice Agenda for NYC Schools

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